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Zoho Meeting for Google Apps

Zoho Meeting for Google Apps provides an easy opportunity to synchronize your meeting experience with Google Apps. If your Google Apps account is enabled with Super Administrator role, then you can activate this application for your organization. This application offers seamless integration with your Google Calendar and helps you to invite your Google Apps users to a scheduled meeting. It also adds the scheduled meeting details as an event in your Google Calendar.


  • Members can access Zoho Meeting easily from Google's universal navigation.
  • Easy access to members of the Google Apps account from Zoho Meeting
  • Keep track of the scheduled meeting with the Google Calendar

Get Started

Activate Zoho Meeting from Google Apps To activate Zoho Meeting from Google Apps Marketplace.
Invite Google Apps Users to your Meeting Invite your Google Apps Users for a scheduled Zoho Meeting
Add Meeting event to your Google Calendar To add the scheduled meeting event in your Google Calendar

Note: All the above features are available for all the editions - Free, Professional and Exterprise editions - of Zoho Meeting.

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