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Zoho Meeting User Manual

Welcome to Zoho Meeting user manual, a resource designed to help you set up and use our online meeting service. Zoho Meeting is an online application to conduct online meetings, share your desktop, view remote desktop, control remote desktop, conduct a Web Conferencing, collabarate with others, troubleshoot remote clients, demonstrate and do much more.

Zoho Meeting allows you to share your desktop and control it from the remote location. You can also provide web conferencing using Embed Meeting feature. You can support your remote clients or customers, by providing online assistance and solving their issues using Remote Assistance. With Zoho Meeting, showcase your product, provide sales or power point presentations to your remote customers.

Please Sign-up to try our service free. Once you sign-up our service, you can check our online demo videos, interact with our user community or check our blogs to explore the various features and to stay updated.

groupceo 2407 - days ago 
Will you add the ability to record meetings for archive and replay purposes?
S.R.Karthik 2406 - days ago 

Recording of meeting sessions and ability to playback/embed in your web-pages should be completed in one of our future updates !

Medicfusion API 2397 - days ago 
We are getting many complaints daily about customers who are seeing a terrible lag in our demos. We now ask them to tell us when they see this or that, and the lag is often 30 seconds or more! Is there a workaround for this problem? I have six team members, all reporting the same problem with their meeting attendees.
S.R.Karthik 2396 - days ago 
Hi medicfusion,

My sincere apologies for the inconvenience.
I have sent you a detailed mail to debug/fix/workaround the issue.
In short, the temporary workaround is to use ActiveX/Java viewers. Though we will check, find what happened in your demos, and fix this ASAP.

adivya 2370 - days ago 
Why doesnt zoho meeting support Macintosh for the presenter ?
S.R.Karthik 2367 - days ago 
Hi Divya,

We are working on Mac support for the Presenter and hope to complete it soon.
Sorry for the delay.

meadz (Guest) 2350 - days ago 
Does Zoho meeting work if the presenter uses Firefox?

Also - how close are you to launching the tools to enable recording of the meeting? (above message from 56 days ago said 2 months)
S.R.Karthik 2350 - days ago 
Hi meadz,

Yes, Zoho Meeting works if Presenter uses Firefox also.
Note : You can also use the direct download link http://zohom.com/agent or the desktop shortcut created to start/join sessions !

We are currently working to complete Mac Presenter support and File Transfer in Zoho Meeting. Recording will follow soon after !

Have a nice day,
meadz (Guest) 2350 - days ago 
Great. Thx for the quick reply!
Guest (Guest) 2350 - days ago 
can support Linux OS?
S.R.Karthik 2350 - days ago 

We will take up Linux support after we finish with Mac :)

Have a nice day,
Don Blanchard 2313 - days ago 
One thing that I don't think the competitors are doing...at least I haven't seen is the ability to fill out a form while watching the presentation. Currently, while presenting, the prospective customer/user/"recruitee" of services views the presentation and then must leave the presentation and then call up a website to fill out a form or activate a service.

I think it would improve sale closure rates if the person could easily call in a window-within-a-window that has a form that they can use to fill out information. This prompts the prospect to ACT NOW!


World Business Services -Atlanta
S.R.Karthik 2294 - days ago 
Hi Don,

Many thanks for the useful suggestion.

We are taking up Presentation sharing as a separate entity, and I will surely pass on the idea to our team when we do it !

Thanks once again,
Best Regards
zhao_shiting 2274 - days ago 

Currently, I want to known Zoho Meeting whether support file transfer function.
S.R.Karthik 2274 - days ago 
Hi Zhao Shiting,

We are about to complete File transfer functionality in Zoho Meeting. Expected to be up within a few weeks !

Best Regards
Jeff Thomas 2245 - days ago 
I see a post dated 121 days ago that indicates that you are hoping to have the Macintosh version of meeting soon. Still not done? Any reasonably good estimate of when you will have it? We're going to have to choose a competing product if you don't have it very soon. Thanks.

S.R.Karthik 2245 - days ago 
Hi Jeff,

We have enabled Mac Presenter support a couple of weeks ago (yet to formally announce it) ! Please try it out.

If you need anything else, please contact us at support(at)zohomeeting(dot)com We will do our best to assist you.

Best Regards
Nirali (Guest) 2237 - days ago 
Does zoho support audio with desktop sharing ? Are there any plans to do so ?
S.R.Karthik 2225 - days ago 
Hi Niral,

Zoho does support Audio along with Desktop sharing. Currently, the Audio conferencing is available for U.S+Europe+SkypeOut calls. We will be extending it to other countries soon !

Best Regards
ikememeka 2214 - days ago 

With reference to an earlier comment by SRK on audio conferencing support along with desktop sharing, I quote: "Zoho does support Audio along with Desktop sharing. Currently, the Audio conferencing is available for U.S+Europe+SkypeOut calls. We will be extending it to other countries soon !", I want to know how I can integrate zoho with skype or any other audio support. I reside in London; in case, there are geographical restrictions in achieving this.

S.R.Karthik 2214 - days ago 
Hi ikememeka,

Zoho-Skype integration is briefly explained below :

If you are already using any other audio/voice conferencing system, you can include those details while creating a Meeting session (there is an option "Other Audio" when creating a session), and we store those along with the Meeting information and email the Audio info. to the invitees as well.

If this does not satisfy your requirements, please do contact us at support(at)zohomeeting(dot)com
We will be glad to assist you !

Best Regards
Brian (Guest) 2196 - days ago 
I noticed that you mention 200 days ago that you would be adding a recording feature for your meetings. Is this done yet?
Jeff Thomas 2195 - days ago 
Any plans to support video cam/video conferencing? One of our clients is using WebEx thus they are accustomed to seeing everyone on the call. We've been trying to get them to convert many of their applications to Zoho, including Meeting, but they may not want to give up the video conferencing component.

S.R.Karthik 2195 - days ago 
Hi Brian,

I'm sorry this is taking time.
We should be completing recording in about a month or so. Please bear with us for till then..

Best Regards
S.R.Karthik 2195 - days ago 
Hi Thomas,

We do plan to add video conferencing (though not immediately) - in the medium term. we may take it up after a few months..
Hope this helps.

Best Regards
Guest 2104 - days ago 
We currently use Webex (a lot) for both Audio and Video conferencing. The cost is very high. We do however need an audio conference bridge as many of our customers do not have audio capability on their computers so will want to dial in by conventional dial up phone. Do you provide bridge numbers that we can use (we often have more than one meeting at the same time) and is there an additional cost for a dial-in bridge number (we do not need a free call number).. thanks...
sundarrajan chandrasekaran 2103 - days ago 

Thank you for your feedback. Currently our audio conferencing is based on shared cost model. Participants have to pay their own local call charges.

Please check these link for more info on audio conferencing.

If you wish to have a toll free number for audio conference number please contact us at support [at] zohomeeting [dot] com so that we can discuss more over the call. You may even call our toll free 1-888-900-9646.

We look forward to hearing from you.

cboutros 2101 - days ago 
I don't like it when things don't work for the first time. I find it very discouraging. I am using Firefox, I installed the plug in... when I try to start the meeting it downloads Zohomeeting.exe everytime and then asks me to install it. (every time).

I install it...every time... then it opens up a browser to login. I try login with my credentials, so I do and it gives me an error. I try to make a new user and it tells me I already have an account.

Very frustrated... Perhaps I am asking too much... to have something work when I try it.
taylor3751 2100 - days ago 
Hi any update on the recording feature. My people are all over the world and it doesn't make sense to do them live ver often. Also will there be a cost for this feature?
sundarrajan chandrasekaran 2100 - days ago 

We are still working on recording feature. It is taking some time however we will release it as soon as we can.

This feature will be of no extra cost. You can avail this with any paid versions.
Guest 1857 - days ago 
Did you guys introduce VOIP?? I heard some months back that you are working on it?? you still working? Better keep working and never release..we'll look for other options.. Zoho sucks big time..
S.R.Karthik 1857 - days ago 
Hi, We are extremely sorry for the delay. VOIP Support has been postponed unavoidable circumstances. We will update as soon as we take it up again.
Apologies again.
Wilson Gernert 1813 - days ago 
can you include the option of rebooting a computer and adding the reconnect feature instead of having to start a new session? It would be very helpful and save time :)
Guest 1749 - days ago 
Hello,My ZoHo Meeting can not send invitation E-mail,who can help me? Thanks!
sue_oc 1553 - days ago 
Hi- new to ZOHO

I am having lag problems- similar to what was described in a previous comment. Can you send or post the "workaround" refered to?

Thanks for all you are doing!
Saravana Raja 1526 - days ago 

Sorry for the delay. Thanks for suggesting the feature. It's already in our milestone. It will be soon updated in the product.


Sorry for the delay. Please send us your contact details to support@zohomeeting.com so that conduct a test meeting and find out the issue.
grace nyambura 1511 - days ago 
i would like to do a demo of a product in my computer is this possible with zoho?

if so what is the procedure i cant get access to my desktop when in zoho meeting.
Saravana Raja 1510 - days ago 
Hi nyamburag

Of course it is possible with Zoho Meeting. Sorry we couldn't get the second point. Can you please send us a mail at support@zohomeeting.com explaining the issue so that we can help you better?
parneson 1359 - days ago 
1048 days ago it was siad that meeting sessions would eventually be recordable. Has that happened yet?
jagadish.t 1359 - days ago 

Apologies for the delay.
Recording of Audio can be done presently, and the recording of screen/desktop sharing is available in Zoho Assist, it will be integrated with Zoho Meeting soon.

Thank you for your patience.
Getan (Guest) 1264 - days ago 
In web-meeting speak the moderator?
jagadish.t 1260 - days ago 

Apologies for the delay in responding.

Kindly clarify your message so that we can assist you further in this regard. If you are looking for 'Moderator based Conferencing call" feature, we do have this feature with the product. Hope this answers your query.

Thank you.

Zoho Meeting.
Guest 1210 - days ago 

Is their any API support in ZOHO Assist, so we get the screenshots, mouse and keystrokes details of othe Machine which we are connecting? If we providing support for the customers.
S.R.Karthik 1206 - days ago 
We are coming up with recording of Desktop sharing of Assist sessions, it will take some time to complete. Will keep you posted.
Jessica Van Den Haute 1074 - days ago 
Please integrate Zoho Meeting calendar functions with Zoho CRM so I have one calendar to rely on for all my activities. Also, in addition to the "Meet Now!" pulldown for Leads & Contacts, please add a "Schedule a Meeting" option. Thank you.
daveperkinsjr 1073 - days ago 
recording and embedding Assist is a pretty important feature, I agree; displaying the dial in conference call phone number to people who join, and to the moderator at all times is important. Another observation- from a user perspectiv- you have many great applications but they arent integrated well enough for the average joe. Somewhate confusing in that several have overlapping capability or so it seems..present and assist for example. Why would I want one and not the other?
anees.ahmed 1072 - days ago 
Hi metaflow,

I understand it would be annoying to manage multiple calenders. We would consider your suggestion once we revamp our product.

Thank you for your suggestion.
anees.ahmed 1072 - days ago 
Hi dpsalesllc,

Thank you for sharing your observations with us. We have integrated our products based on certain requirements. You will get to know more about the integration methods in the links below.



However these integration might circle around based on the requirements, though not for every individual but a product as whole every time it is getting streamlined.

Present (Meeting) and assist are two different products based on their function. Using meeting you will not be able to access or control the remote computer. It will only help you view the presenters computer. Particularly the screen that is displayed that moment. You will not have control on the screen that is presented.

Assist is purely to have control on the remote computer and work in it. You also have few other additional features in assist which is designed in the troubleshooting perspective. You will be able to do almost all that a customer can do in his / her computer.

Hope this answered you query.
Paul Baker 1071 - days ago 
Is it possible to show the presenter cursor?
anees.ahmed 1069 - days ago 
Hi Paul,
Yes, the presenter cursor should be visible. However it seems to be an issue that right now it is not visible.

We were able to replicate the issue in our network. Our development team is working on it and will have it fixed at the earliest.
Paul Baker 1064 - days ago 
Participants using a small monitor can not see the text on my 22" monitor unless they chose "actual size" in which case they have to scroll around the screen. Is there a fix for this?
anees.ahmed 1063 - days ago 
Hi Paul,
When you take remote it basically displays you the content on perfect fit size. Depending on the size of the remote monitor if you had to change it to "Actual Size" again like you said the presenter will have trouble to use it simultaneously. As a workaround I would suggest you to change the resolution of the screen to have access to the remote computer. This should help to an extend.
starpowered2013 1054 - days ago 
can participants in the meeting hear the audio from the host's computer?
If so, how can I make that happen?
anees.ahmed 1054 - days ago 
@ starpowered2013,
Using zoho meeting you can only share the screens from your computer. As of now we do not have the option of sharing the audio. However you still can communication to your participants via the VOIP(Beta) that has been integrated with zoho meeting.
Guest 1025 - days ago 
Hi can you please explain how to integrate voip?
anees.ahmed 1022 - days ago 

VOIP (Beta) has already been integrated with Zoho Meeting. However, presenter will have to be on a hard line. The participants can use their VOIP connection to call the dial-in number that will be available once you create a meeting.
Paul Baker 1000 - days ago 
Any news on the cursor problem? It is not working currenty.
anees.ahmed 1000 - days ago 
Hi Paul,

As of now the participants will can not view the cursor on the presenter's screen. It will be fixed in our next release.
Gary Getto 865 - days ago 
I am at the limit of my subscription regarding number of participants and need to add one more than my plan allows. Can I add that person or must I upgrade first?
junsuijira 862 - days ago 
What about allowing the guest to change their names so I know who is who..
anees.ahmed 861 - days ago 
Hi Gary,
For you to add more number of participants than what your plan is, you will have to upgrade the number of participants in your plan first.
anees.ahmed 861 - days ago 
Hi Junsuijira,
We have not made entering the name or email address of the guest mandatory as of now. So it will reflect to be Guest until we make it mandatory.
Guest 730 - days ago 
There seems to be alot of problems with the software that are NOT addressed. Whats up with this? Is Zoho making too many promises they cannot keep?
anees.ahmed 729 - days ago 

We did detect few issues with the existing version of Zoho Meeting. We are not making any changed in the existing version. We are almost done with the new version of Zoho Meeting that addresses all these issues.
Shekhar Gupta 664 - days ago 
can we put our attendees on Mute mode?
Shekhar Gupta 664 - days ago 
i don't want my attendee to see my attendees list.
Shekhar Gupta 664 - days ago 
can queries posted by attendees during Meeting can sync/integrate with their existing accounts in Zoho CRM.
anees.ahmed 662 - days ago 
Hi Shekhar,

Yes, you can put the attendees on mute in the conference call. Currently we do not have the option of hiding the attendees list from any attendee.

We do not have full integration of Zoho Meeting and Zoho CRM yet. You can only start a meeting from Zoho CRM. Therefore syncing the queries posted in a meeting to Zoho CRM is not possible currently.
Kim Russo 509 - days ago 
Has the ability to record webinars for playback from our website been added?
anees.ahmed 509 - days ago 
Hello Kim,

As you know we are working on a revamp that is looked in to betterment of the existing features of Zoho Meeting.

We have not included the recording capability yet.
I have sent an invitation to a number of people, but expect only a few to attend the Zoho Meeting. If the number of people who want to join exceeds the number in my Agreement, will they be denied access or will you increase the fee to allow all to attend?
anees.ahmed 503 - days ago 
Hello Gary,

We do not restrict the number of participants with what is in your purchase agreement at the moment. If you send invitation to more than 5 participants even though your license is for maximum of 5 participants, every one will receive the invitation and will be able to join the meeting.

However we do monitor the usage often, to see if you would require more participants.
nahar 276 - days ago 
i am facing an issue with my zoho mail account,all my incoming emails are going to Trash folder ,which i cannot access in my outlook..how to solver this?
anees.ahmed 274 - days ago 
Hello Nahar,

We understand your concern. To assist you better, Please write your query to support@zohomail.com. Our experts will assist you on this issue.
I have bought your CRM yesterday. I want to create products in my zoho CRM account and can't find the product model. Where is it?
S.R.Karthik 109 - days ago 

This deals with Zoho Meeting (Web Conferencing Tool)
Can you please mail to support@zohocrm.com ?
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