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Zoho Meeting User Manual

Welcome to Zoho Meeting user manual, a resource designed to help you set up and use our online meeting service. Zoho Meeting is an online application to conduct online meetings, share your desktop, view remote desktop, control remote desktop, conduct a Web Conferencing, collabarate with others, troubleshoot remote clients, demonstrate and do much more.

Zoho Meeting allows you to share your desktop and control it from the remote location. You can also provide web conferencing using Embed Meeting feature. You can support your remote clients or customers, by providing online assistance and solving their issues using Remote Assistance. With Zoho Meeting, showcase your product, provide sales or power point presentations to your remote customers.

Please Sign-up to try our service free. Once you sign-up our service, you can check our online demo videos, interact with our user community or check our blogs to explore the various features and to stay updated.

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