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Add Meeting event to your Google Calendar

1. Log in to your Google Apps account with Super Administrator's privilege.

2. Click on Zoho Meeting application from the Google Apps Dashboard. 

3. Enable Add to Google Calendar setting by clicking the 'On' - option and then click on 'Save' button, in the 'Settings' tab.

4. Now click on the Meetings tab and then click on 'Create Meeting' tab to schedule a meeting with your Google Apps Users.

5. Provide all the required details for the meeting and click on the 'Create' button. 

6. Check your Google Calendar where you will see an event added on the scheduled date and time of the meeting.

Larry Borden 509 - days ago 
The above instructions do not coincide with the way Google Apps Super Admin is structured.
anees.ahmed 501 - days ago 
Hello Larry,

We are checking the behavior of GApps. We will look in to this and will get back to you at the earliest.

Sorry to have you wait until then.
anees.ahmed 493 - days ago 
Hello Larry,

Sorry for the delay.

The screenshots you see in this page has not been updated. You should be able to connect to Zoho Meeting from the GoogleApps dashboard.

You can move a meeting to Google calendar now by click on "Enable now" beside "Add meetings to Google calendar" when you click on "Settings" tab at http://meeting.zoho.com.
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