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Zoho Meeting offers four viewers, based on Java, ActiveX, Flash and HTML. A Viewer is the web page or plugin, with which you can join an online meeting. HTML viewer neither requires any installation nor dependent on any plugin, unlike other viewers. 

The viewer is supported only in Google Chrome(1+), Mozilla Firefox(3.0+), Internet explorer(9+), Safari(3+) and Opera(9.5+).  

If you would like ensure that your meeting participants join the meeting through HTML viewer, please follow the below steps.

1. Log in to you Zoho Meeting Account. (https://zoho.com/meeting

2. Click the 'settings' tab in your home page.

3. Select 'View only' in the section titled, 'Default participant mode'.

4. Click 'Save' button.

You can also refer the screenshot given below.

The above steps will enable the HTML viewer to your meeting participants who join the meeting through invitation email, or by entering the meeting key in join.zoho.com or by directly accessing the meeting link. However, the participants will have the option to change the viewer after they join the session to experience the various viewers.


Currently, Switch Presenter feature is not supported in HTML viewer. Hence, if your meeting involves 'Switch Presenter' feature, please go for the 'View and Present' option in Default participant mode setting.

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