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Corporate Branding and Organization Management

Zoho Meeting helps you conduct easy and effective online meetings and web conferences, under your brand name with its Corporate Branding feature. You can conduct multiple meetings and remote support sessions simultaneously, using your professional account. You can add hosts/users to your organization account, customize your account with logo, organization name, can setup custom portal URL, custom login URL and analyze sessions with detailed reports.

You will be entitled with Administrator rights for your professional account. You can manage your organization meetings, with the following features.

Brand Management

You can enter your organization name, logo, setup portal URL (
a personalized custom link
) and can provide your participants with a custom login URL (a page where your customers can join your meeting and your organization users can login and host a meeting).

User Management

You can add or delete users in your organization.

You can view the organization users, the hosts added to the organization along with their status, email id and user name.

Meeting Management

Your organization users can schedule and conduct meetings. You as an Administrator can also schedule meetings.

You can view all the meeting sessions, including the current sessions, conducted by users in your organization along with the session details.

Organization Administrator and Users can have their own custom settings like time zone, language etc.,

Reports Management

You can generate detailed reports just by entering the respective user name or for a particular time frame. This could help you analyze your meetings.

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