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Switch Presenter

You can switch the presenter for the ongoing live meeting and switch the desktop sharing between any of the Participants and the Presenter. This can be done in the following ways. 
Switch Presenter from Presenter Toolbar

Click on the 'Participant list' icon in the presenter tool which provides you with the list of all the Participants in the meeting. There is a small arrow button on the right side of each of the Participant in that Participant list, which has the option 'Make Presenter', using this you can make one of the Participant as Presenter. On click of this 'Make Presenter' option, Viewer will be started in your PC and for that Participant, Agent will be started. Now you can view his desktop.

Switch Presenter from Meeting Details page

Switching desktop sharing can also be done from the Meeting Details page after starting the meeting. All the available Participants in the meeting will be listed at the left side of the Meeting Details page. You can select a particular Participant and click on the 'Make Presenter' button to switch presenter. After you click on this, Agent will be started in that Participant's PC and viewer will be started in your PC. Now the desktop of that PArticipant will be viewed by all.

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