You can view the report of all the meeting sessions conducted by all users using Reports menu. You can also generate reports for a particular user for a specified time frame, as shown below. Your organization users can view the list of the meeting sessions that were conducted by them, using the same Reports tab in their account. They cannot see other users meeting reports.


syswinhouse 484 - days ago 
I can't see this option !!!.... Only "reports" but not "Mabager organization"
Please help
anees.ahmed 484 - days ago 

This "Manage Organization" will be available only in Corporate account. It will not be available on personal license or free account.

In Corporate account also, this option will be available only for the admin account and not for the regular users.

If you want to be the admin to use this option, request you to send your email id to
Guest 454 - days ago 
Can you export into Excel all users that attended a meeting?
anees.ahmed 453 - days ago 

Currently we do not have an identity for Participants. If they join the meeting with a registered Zoho ID, their ID will be displayed in the Participants list in the toll bar.

For anyone joins the meeting with out a registered Zoho ID it displays them as guest. So currently we do not have identification for the participants.

Anees Ahamed
Zoho Meeting | Zoho Assist.
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