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To embed Zoho Meetings in your website

  1. Log in to Zoho Meeting.
  2. In the Zoho Meeting home page, create a meeting.
  3. In the Meeting Details page, click on the Embed Meeting link as shown in the below image.

  4. In the Embed Zoho Meeting page, do the following:
    • Specify Width and Height for the meeting window to be viewed by the participants.
    • Select New Window/Same Window for the meeting session to be viewed in new or same window by the participants.
  5. In the Embed Zoho Meeting dialog box , copy the generated HTML code.
  6. Insert the generated HTML code in your web page and publish the page in your website.

  7. Start the meeting at the scheduled time.
    Now, the participants can join the meeting by entering either their name or e-mail address from your website.

  8. The participants will view your desktop as shown in the below image.

    We have setup one of our office computers as presenter. This meeting is embedded in our webpage and you can join as participant to view the presenter screen. Click here to view the demo.

Guest 2101 - days ago 
Seems to me that the better way to perform remote support tasks would be with the Embedded tool. Can this be set to a default of Auto-Control, so that a technician could then comtrol the individual who clicked the online link? oconnor@ezpos.net
S.R.Karthik 1934 - days ago 
Yes, this can be made to have Auto control. While creating a Meeting, have the "Control Transfer" option as "Auto" (default is prompt). Or, you can also try Embedding Remote Support onto your website !
Eva Collins 1898 - days ago 
Hi is there rebranding of the remote support tool? On the signup page where it lists prices/features it says there is, but now I've subscribed I can't see anything about it?. Thanks
S.R.Karthik 1898 - days ago 
Hi Meerkatekweb,

Yes, Rebranding is part of the (Organization) Subscription. You were under a individual Subscription. We have now moved you to an Org Account and emailed you the details on rebranding and "Portal URL" for your organization.

Hope this helps.
Do let me know if you need anything else. We will be glad to assist you.

Best Regards
Eva Collins 1898 - days ago 
That's super, thanks very much :-)
FMWANIA (Guest) 1746 - days ago 
I have the free (individual) account and now just planning to upgrade to the professional edition since my company has grown.

While using the embeded web zoho meeting, are participants still limited to 5 for $12, 10 for $18 etc?

Do you have pricing for more than 100 participants?

S.R.Karthik 1551 - days ago 
Hi Felix,

Yes, embed meeting still holds the same limits as the license.
Please send us your capacity requirements to support@zohomeeting.com and we will see if we can fulfill it.

Best Regards
creativecampus 1374 - days ago 
when I embed a meeting on a webpage it seems that when the user tries to enter their name to join the meeting it pops open a new window for them to view the meeting, thus taking them away from my website. Is this normal behavior?
jagadish.t 1370 - days ago 

Many thanks for raising this, I will check this with my development team and keep you posted asap.

Thank you.
Sagar (Guest) 1345 - days ago 
"Yes, Rebranding is part of the (Organization) Subscription. You were under a individual Subscription. We have now moved you to an Org Account and emailed you the details on rebranding and "Portal URL" for your organization."
As you have mentioned above please mail us your pricing for Organizations with rebranding option also let us know if you have a reseller option.
S.R.Karthik 1313 - days ago 
Hi Creativecampus,

We do have a parameter in url - newwindow=false, which is not working at present.
This is a bug from our side, this param will be made available from our next update (in about 2 weeks time), after which you can use this variable to control the new window behavior !
Guest 1146 - days ago 
My name is Joshua Davis - mathhealer.com - I am interested in the rebranding component. I want to use the embed feature in a password protected environment as I instruct my students while using my desktop whiteboard application.

S.R.Karthik 1144 - days ago 
Hi Joshua,

We do have rebranding in our paid (Corporate) plan. Once you subscribe to a corporate plan, you can login to meeting.zoho.com and re-brand/change name, upload logo from "Manage Organization" tab!!

Have you tried doing this? If you have subscribed to Zoho Meeting but yet are unable to re-brand, do send us a screen-shot to support@zohomeeting.com We will check/resolve it ASAP.
dirkums@gmail.com+(Guest) 443 - days ago 
if I rebrand does this allow me to remove all the zoho logos and references including the powered by zoho meeting in the embedded log on?
anees.ahmed 443 - days ago 
Hello Dirkums,

We only have Co-branding where you can change the logo on the main screen, you can have portal url and change the organization name in the main screen. Our logo may appear in certain screens and in the toolbar.

However the powered by logo in the embedded widget can be removed by changing the value of logo is equal to false from true in the iframe code.
Guest 289 - days ago 
Can you please clarify about how to specify the desktop for presenter? Will this tool automatically take the server desktop of the website in which the code is embedded?
anees.ahmed 289 - days ago 

The meeting does not automatically start. Your participants can login to your website and enter the meeting key in the embed code to join the meeting.

However you need to start the meeting manually to share the screen with your participants.
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