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To embed Zoho Meetings in your website

  1. Log in to Zoho Meeting.
  2. In the Zoho Meeting home page, create a meeting.
  3. In the Meeting Details page, click on the Embed Meeting link as shown in the below image.

  4. In the Embed Zoho Meeting page, do the following:
    • Specify Width and Height for the meeting window to be viewed by the participants.
    • Select New Window/Same Window for the meeting session to be viewed in new or same window by the participants.
  5. In the Embed Zoho Meeting dialog box , copy the generated HTML code.
  6. Insert the generated HTML code in your web page and publish the page in your website.

  7. Start the meeting at the scheduled time.
    Now, the participants can join the meeting by entering either their name or e-mail address from your website.

  8. The participants will view your desktop as shown in the below image.

    We have setup one of our office computers as presenter. This meeting is embedded in our webpage and you can join as participant to view the presenter screen. Click here to view the demo.

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