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Download Desktop Plugin and install in your system. Now, open the desktop shortcut and sign in to your Zoho Meeting account.

  • Select Remember me to save your username and password. Select
  • Auto Login for automatic login to account when you open desktop shortcut.

Now, you can perform the following:

  • Create your online meetings in an instant. 
  • Start or join a remote support session. 
  • Manage all your online meetings right from your desktop.

Create Meeting

Click Create Meeting from Home tab. You will be directed to Meeting details page. Here, provide the below details:

  • Meeting Topic: Provide topic for your meeting. 
  • Date and Time: Choose the date and time of your meeting.
  • Time Zone: Select your country time zone from the time zone link ( Here it is displayed as IST).
  •  Agenda (optional): Provide outline of things to be done in the meeting. 
  • Participant's e-mail address: Provide all your participants e-mail address. If you want to invite more number of participants, click on Invite more.

Now, when you click Create, the detail of your meeting is displayed. Click Start at the scheduled time of your online meeting.

Join the Existing Session: You can easily join an existing meeting/ session by submitting the meeting key from the Home tab and click Join.

Resume last session: You can resume your last meeting or remote session from Home tab just by clicking on the Start button of Resume last session.

Create Remote Session

  • Click Remote Assistance from Home tab. 
  • Under the Start Session, provide the customer e-mail address. 
  • Start the remote session. Also, you can start the session without providing the email address and then invite the participants from the Meeting Details pop up box(appears in the meeting viewer).
  • Now, Zoho Meeting Viewer (blue screen) opens with a viewer toolbar.

Here, you have an option to join to an existing remote session also. Just submit the session id under Join Session and click Join. 

Manage your meetings

  • Click on the Meeting tab in the desktop shortcut and click My Meetings
  • Select All to view all the meetings created by you. 
  • Select Today to view meetings hosted by you today.

Also, you have an option to resume any of your previously conducted meetings from My Meetings tab. Select the particular meeting and start the same.

To download desktop plugin, click here

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