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    Create a Meeting


A meeting requires the following:
  • Meeting Topic
  • Presenter's and Participant's mail ids
  • Date and time of the meeting

Go to Create Meetings page and provide all the details needed.

1. Meeting topic - This is the name that will be used in all your communications and for future reference. Now click the "Create" button. That's it! The meeting is created. Every meeting is identified by an unique 'Meeting key'.
2. Changing Time Zone - Click the 'clock' icon at the top right corner and choose your time zone. This change will be reflected for the existing meetings also.
3. Presenter's Email ID - Give the email ID of the Presenter, who wants to share the desktop. 
4. Participant's Email ID - Give the email ID of the Participants, who will view the Presenter's desktop.
5. Control Transfer - You can set the 'Control Transfer' to auto/prompt. 'Auto' option gives the control to the participants of the meeting without your notice while the 'Prompt' option notices you about the participant who requests remote control.


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