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Control Transfer

After starting the meeting you can request control of the remote PC or give control of your PC to the remote Participant. There is a control tranfer option in the Create Meetings page, with which control transfer can be made automatic or prompting type.

Auto    - This option is set to transfer control to the Participant without asking permission to the Presenter during the meeting.
Prompt - This option is set to transfer control to the Participant after the Presenter gives permission to the Participant's control transfer request.

The control transfer  can be done in the following ways:

From Viewer

The Participant can take control of the Presenter's PC using request 'Remote Control' icon in the viewer toolbar. When the Participant clicks on this icon, the control transfer of the remote PC occurs according to the auto/prompt option of the meeting.


From Presenter

The Presenter can also give control a particular Participant of the meeting. Click on the 'Participant list' icon in the presenter tool which provides you with the list of all the Participants in the meeting. There is a small arrow button on the right side of each of the Participant in that Participant list, which has the option 'Give Control', using this you can give control of your PC to one of the Participants in the meeting.

Revoke Control

Presenter can also revoke the control of his/her PC from the remote viewer using 'Revoke Control' option in the Presenter toolbar.

After getting the control of the Presenter's PC, the remote control icon in the viewer toolbar will be changed. Viewer can also give back the control of the remote Presenter's PC by clicking on this revoke control transfer icon in the viewer toolbar.

pete777 2287 - days ago 
This doesn't seem very clear. How does the presenter (meeting initiator) take control of the participant's (invitee's) computer?

S.R.Karthik 2281 - days ago 
Hi Pete,

This is only to grant and revoke control of the Presenter's desktop.
To view and control a Participant's desktop, you can do "Switch Presenter" from the web page, or try our Remote Assistance feature (recommended) :

Best Regards,

Guest_Mario (Guest) 2116 - days ago 
What will happen if the other participant (supposed to take control) joined using the Flash version of the conference? I mean, will he see any message letting him know he should re-join with Java/ActiveX?
sundarrajan chandrasekaran 2112 - days ago 
We still allow the participant to take the control using Flash but with a notification.

Taking the control using Flash will also work. However taking the control with Active-X will be faster than Flash.
appconsult 1976 - days ago 
Well this "Invitee attending the Meeting Using Flash" is a real problem. Most of the time we are asking our customer's to show us their screen and only occasionally do we show our screen. I am having meetings where it is confusing for the customers to click on which version they want to run. QUESTION: Can we force ActiveX as the ONLY choice??
S.R.Karthik 1895 - days ago 
Hi, We have made a fix/work-around for this now. We have made Flash a "View only" option, giving the Participants and Presenter with such notifications, and allowing participants to choose alternative (Java/ActiveX) within a few clicks.
We will also make the movement/change of viewer in one click.
Please check our LIVE Demo to see how this will be :

Hope this helps.
Senthilkumar cogzidelsales 1154 - days ago 
Does this option available for free subscription or only for the paid subscriptions?
S.R.Karthik 1153 - days ago 
Hi, If you are referring to Switching Presenters, it is available only for paid subscribers of Zoho Meeting. Please visit this link to know the difference in features between FREE and paid.
SAM (Guest) 692 - days ago 
If a desktop is being controlled to a remote technician, is it possible to have a status displayed somewhere on the screen. Our auditors want the screen to show a message while the desktop is being shared. Once you click the confirmation question, it is hard to know weather the desktop is being shared or not.
anees.ahmed 685 - days ago 
We do prompt a permission request before the control is taken. Only if the request is accepted (Clicked OK) the screen will be shared. We do not have a confirmation message saying the screen is being shared, as accepting the request is the last stage of establishing connection.
S.R.Karthik 445 - days ago 
Hi Sam,
Adding to what Anees said, we will consider adding a status message/some information in the toolbar to know the PC is being controlled remotely.

I will pass this on to the development team.
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